Enough With the Mom Shaming

An April, 2017 study by Beech Nut found that 80% of millennial moms say they’ve been the victim of “Mom Shaming.” Marie Claire says these moms are what happens “when mean girls grow up.”

If you’ve spent thirty seconds on social media you know exactly what I’m talking about. Post a picture of your kids eating a treat and you risk being shamed for feeding them empty calories and teaching them poor nutritional habits. Post a photo from the beach and wait for the comments about sunscreen, appropriate beach wear and the risks of skin cancer. Or, post the queen mother of risky – or shall I say risqué – photos, a picture breastfeeding your baby… well then buckle up Buttercup. Actually, buckle up, add a helmet, maybe some elbow and kneepads, and I wouldn’t say no to a cup – I’ll take all the protection I can get.

Here’s the one of the worst parts – according to the survey, moms who have been shamed are more – yes, you read that right – more likely shame another mom. Like breeds like people. Shame breeds shame, nasty breeds nasty and mean breeds mean. But – and it’s a big but – mercy breeds mercy. Grace breeds grace. Kindness breeds kindness.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 1.01.09 PM

There should be no tighter group than moms. When you see a mom with a flat-out-freaking-out toddler in the produce section, instead of throwing her that, “do-something about your kid” look, give her a smile or a nod, maybe throw her that Mockingjay salute. If nothing else, give her the gift of no eye contact at all – she’s got enough going on.

If  your friend posts a picture of her kid outside without a hat, congratulate them for getting the child away from a screen and enjoying the great outdoors. If your friend posts a picture of her kid watching a movie on an iPad, congratulate her on figuring out a way to get ten minutes peace. Maybe she’ll get to shower or pee without an audience for a change.

Being a mom is hard; so is being a dad, but that’s a topic for another day.






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